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Breaking Centenarian News: The Hillcrest Seven

Hillcrest | Centenarian giving a talk during an event recognized

We recently had the pleasure of hosting an event that was as extraordinary as it was heartwarming. At our Hillcrest Retirement Community, we celebrated seven individuals who have reached the incredible milestone of 100 years and beyond. The oldest among them has even touched the awe-inspiring age of 109!

We would like to thank the Claremont Courier for attending our special event and spreading the news about centenarians in La Verne, CA.

Hillcrest | Centenarian giving a talk during an event recognized
Our panel of centenarians provided us with knowledge, laughter, and tears.

100 Years is Cause for Celebration!

The core of our celebration was reading each centenarian’s life story, who include:

  • Atala B., 109
  • Ruth K., 104
  • Sterling P., 103
  • Imogene H., 102
  • Margaret C., 100
  • Graham L., 100
  • Lena O., 100

Our centenarians guided us through time and shared the experiences and wisdom they’ve gathered over the years. Their lives cover an entire century, witnessing countless historical events and societal changes.

Here are some highlights from our centenarians’ stories:

  • They reminded us of the importance of kindness and respect towards one another.
  • They shared their secrets to longevity, such as healthy eating, staying active, and maintaining a positive attitude.
  • They emphasized the value of family and community, which resonates deeply with us at Hillcrest.

Our event was not just worthy centenarian news. It was a testament to our residents’ resilience, strength, and shared sense of purpose. The spirit of Hillcrest shone brightly throughout the day, reflecting the vibrant community we’re proud to foster.

Celebrating A Century of Life

Reaching 100 years is a remarkable achievement that deserves recognition and celebration. Here are some facts about centenarians:

  • There were approximately 89,739 centenarians in the United States as of 2021.
  • Women make up the majority (85 percent) of people aged 100 and over.
  • Many centenarians share common lifestyle habits, including staying socially engaged, eating healthily, and remaining physically active.
Hillcrest | Centenarian smiling during an event recognized
Have you heard the news about centenarians in La Verne? They look great!

The Secret to a Long Life: Lifestyle Habits of Centenarians

What does it take to live to 100 years and beyond? As we’ve discovered from our remarkable centenarians, there are simple lifestyle habits that many of them share. These habits go a long way in promoting longevity and a fulfilling life.

Staying Socially Engaged

Maintaining social connections and staying engaged with the community has a significant positive impact on mental health. It fosters a sense of belonging and purpose, reduces stress, and keeps the mind sharp. We offer numerous activities and events at Hillcrest to keep our residents socially active and connected.

Eating Healthily

A balanced and nutritious diet is another key to longevity. Many centenarians follow diets rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Our dining services at Hillcrest provide well-balanced meals catering to our residents’ dietary needs and preferences.

Remaining Physically Active

Regular physical activity helps maintain a healthy weight, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, and improves overall well-being. Even simple exercises like walking or stretching can make a significant difference. At Hillcrest, we encourage our residents to stay active through various fitness programs tailored to their abilities:

  • Aquatic exercise
  • Strength training
  • Seated movement

The Blue Zones Connection

Interestingly, these lifestyle habits align with what’s observed in the “Blue Zones” – regions around the world where people live significantly longer than average. These zones include areas in Greece, Italy, Japan, Costa Rica, and even a city in California! The residents of these zones tend to have diets rich in plant-based foods, engage in regular physical activity, have strong social networks, and cultivate a sense of purpose in their lives.

We strive to replicate a similar lifestyle for residents at Hillcrest. We provide a nurturing environment that promotes healthy living, social engagement, and a strong sense of community. This approach not only enhances the quality of life for our residents but also contributes to their longevity from independent living to skilled nursing, memory care, and more.

We can’t wait to celebrate more centenarian news in the future.

Meet the Centenarians of La Verne, CA!

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