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Independent Living
in La Verne, California

Live in A Diverse and Inclusive Community of All Lifestyles

A typical misconception is that senior living communities are only for long-term care. That mindset means missing out on the incredible advantages of retirement community living. Senior independent communities are all about lifestyle preference — not a form of senior care.

Apartments and Homes for Independent Living in La Verne, CA

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Hillcrest offers a surprising variety of living arrangements, from studio apartments to single-family homes and everything in between. No matter what your needs, Hillcrest offers you choices.

Hillcrest services are available through a flexible approach. You can build dining, housekeeping, and transportation packages that work for your lifestyle.

Living at Hillcrest is also about enjoying the freedom to pursue your lifelong interests and find new ones. Discover independent living in one of the best LGBT retirement communities in California. Interspersed throughout the community, you’ll find various services and amenities to engage your mind, strengthen your spirit and stimulate your body.

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Live Vibrantly in Award-Winning Designs

We are honored to receive the 2023 La Verne Community Design Award for excellence in design within the Institutional category!

Home design is essential in our retirement community. We strike a balance where residents can experience privacy, freedom, and a sense of belonging. Every aspect, from the surrounding green spaces to the interior floor plans inside, has been thoughtfully planned with real people in mind.

The award is a testament to the thought we put into making Hillcrest a remarkable retirement community.

What Is Independent Living?

Independent living at Hillcrest provides housing alternatives for older adults in Southern California. This remarkable retirement community is an active age-restricted neighborhood in La Verne, CA – a suburb thirty minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

Living options come in many sizes and layouts, including:

  • Apartments
  • Cottages
  • Townhouses
  • Condos
  • Duplexes

Residential neighborhoods provide an active way of life with freedom from home maintenance responsibilities. Independent living services make things simple and convenient.

Take time to live with gratitude thanks to services such as:

  • House cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Transportation
  • Fine dining
  • 24/7 security

Continue your active lifestyle with fitness centers, swimming pools, beauty salons, workshops, art studios, and craft rooms. The entertainment options continue with access to a movie theater and art gallery.

What Is The Difference Between Assisted And Independent Living?

Understanding the differences between assisted and independent living can be quite challenging, especially when searching for the perfect home for yourself or a loved one. At Hillcrest, we’re here to help clarify these differences, particularly for those considering independent living in La Verne.

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Independent living residences are typically more affordable but unlikely to be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance. Assisted living, by contrast, greatly expands upon the level of care a senior can expect at home.

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Independent living communities primarily focus on serving residents’ social needs and wellness goals. Assisted living communities support those who need aid with activities of daily living. These additional services allow residents to live as independently as possible.

Independent Living in La Verne

Hillcrest | Seniors working in the garden

As the name suggests, independent living is designed for seniors who can still live independently but prefer the convenience of a community lifestyle. These homes for independent living provide a maintenance-free lifestyle, allowing residents to focus on enjoying their golden years rather than worrying about chores or home upkeep.

At Hillcrest, our independent living options offer a vibrant community with amenities like dining services, housekeeping, and social activities. Residents can enjoy their privacy while also having the opportunity to engage in various social events and activities.

Assisted Living in La Verne

On the other hand, assisted living is designed for seniors who need assistance with daily activities. This could include help with medication management, dressing, bathing, and other personal care tasks. Assisted living communities, like ours at Hillcrest, provide personalized care plans to ensure each resident receives the support they need while maintaining their independence as much as possible.

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The Key Differences between
Independent Living and Assisted Living

The main difference between assisted and independent living lies in the level of care provided. Independent living is ideal for those who require minimal to no assistance, value independence, and enjoy the freedom to live as they see fit. Assisted living, however, provides extra care and support for those who need it, ensuring they can enjoy a comfortable and dignified lifestyle.

Both options allow seniors to thrive in a community environment, enjoying social activities and a range of amenities. The choice between assisted and independent living ultimately depends on the individual’s needs and lifestyle preferences.

At Hillcrest, we’re committed to helping you understand these options better. Whether you’re considering homes for independent living or exploring assisted living options, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Why choose independent living sooner than later?

If you ever get a moment to chat with residents from senior living communities, most of them will tell you they should have made the move sooner. Here are some common reasons why:


Residents no longer have to manage the hassles of caring for a house or yard. Worrying about laundry or cleaning up after a meal is not a concern. Seniors in independent living have more time to do the things they like. They have the freedom and time to learn new hobbies. Make the move faster to enjoy it even longer.

Active Lifestyle

Many residents often say, “There’s so much to do here; you cannot fit all of it on your calendar.” It’s not uncommon for older adults to realize how little they did when they lived in their previous homes. At Hillcrest, there are many possibilities at their fingertips.

Social Connections

Social seclusion can be devastating to your physical and psychological well-being. As an independent living resident, social connections are made daily in various activities, clubs, outings, and celebrations.

Accessibility of Care

As healthy and balanced as you may be now, you never know if or when your wellness will change. Relocating into a continuing care community as an independent living resident gives you accessibility to quality care right when needed. An earlier move has significantly blessed numerous individuals who experienced unforeseen health issues.

What Is The Average Cost Of Senior Independent Living?

According to the National Investment Center, the typical monthly cost of independent living is around $3,200. However, month-to-month charges can vary anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 or even more. Independent living costs vary widely based on the location, services, and amenities.

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See For Yourself

To completely comprehend what independent living can provide, visit one for yourself. We at Hillcrest – A Remarkable Retirement Community in La Verne, California are happy to arrange a tour and introduce you to our joyful residents.

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