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Our CCRC in Southern California Financial & Leadership Information

Continuing Care Structured By A Strong Team

Our continuing care retirement community in Southern California has a core group of individuals with qualifications, expertise, and experience to provide leadership to associates that fulfills the community’s mission, vision, and values.

Hillcrest offers a continuing care contract that guarantees residents an inclusive set of services and amenities for the rest of their lives. The entrance fee is upfront, but it pays off in peace of mind knowing you’re covered if something goes wrong!

Our financial and leadership team provides the leadership necessary to fulfill our mission and vision for the community and maintain our high standards of care.

The board of directors is also highly qualified and committed to supporting our residents. Look at our latest financial statements and annual report for more information.

Hillcrest | Matthew Neeley

Matthew Neeley, MBA, MHSA


Leadership Team

Hillcrest | Joel Brouwer

Joel Brouwer

Chief Financial Officer

Hillcrest | Scott Fredrick

Scott Frederick

Director of Human Resources

Hillcrest | Ryan Harrison

Ryan Harrison

PsyD, CWP, Director of Resident Life & Wellness

Hillcrest | Tom Hostetler

Tom Hostetler


Hillcrest | Andrea Lopez Lutz

Andrea Lopez-Lutz

Corporate Compliance Official and Risk Manager

Hillcrest | Scott Hill Snyder

Scott Snider

Director of Philanthropy

Hillcrest | Mike Townsend

Mike Townsend

Sr. Director of Master Plan & Strategic Marketing

Hillcrest | Dan Townsend

Dan Townsend

Director of Facilities Operations

Hillcrest | Shirley Turner

Shirley Turner

Director of Sales and Marketing

Hillcrest | Keith Kasin

Keith Kasin

VP of Health Services

Hillcrest | Desiree Eduave

Desiree Eudave

Director of Assisted Living

Hillcrest | Kimberly Mashburn

Kimberly Mashburn

Director of Nursing

Hillcrest | Danny Paz

Daniel Paz

Director of Dining Services

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Hillcrest | Dale Stanley

Dale Stanley


Hillcrest | Jackie Dowd

Jackie Doud

Vice Chair

Hillcrest | Christine Meek

Christine Meek


Hillcrest | DeWayne McMullin

DeWayne McMullin


Hillcrest | John Blickenstaff

John Blickenstaff

Past Chair

Board Chair

Hillcrest | Matthew Neeley

Matthew Neeley, MBA, MHSA

President / CEO


Hillcrest | Thomas Allison

Thomas Allison

Hillcrest | Kathy Duncan

Kathy Duncan, EDD

Hillcrest | Kitty Garvey

Kitty Garvey

Hillcrest | Dot Hess

Dot Hess

Hillcrest | Robert Johnston

Robert Johnston

Hillcrest | Dan Lane

Dan Lane

Hillcrest | Russ Matteson

Russ Matteson, PSWD Executive Minister

Hillcrest | Donna Redman

Donna Redman

Hillcrest | Linda Saddlemire

Linda Saddlemire

Hillcrest | Barbara Smythe

Barbara Smythe

Hillcrest | Susan Tendrio

Susan Tendrio

Hillcrest | Tina Wang

Tina wang

Hillcrest | Mike Welch

Michael Welch

Hillcrest | Don Kurtz

Don Kurtz

Hillcrest | Don Kurtz

Don Kurtz

Gilbert Ivey

Hillcrest’s Annual
Financial Audit


Hillcrest | Image of annual DSS/CCRC audit report

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