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Support Local Artists at
The Gallery at Hillcrest

The Gallery at Hillcrest

Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley represent the homes of passionate and talented artists. These creators preserve culture and represent the rich history of many different backgrounds.

The Gallery at Hillcrest is an on-site showcase for residents to learn about the diversity of our area. When seniors think about what’s there to do in L.A. today, they can take a stroll through the art space. It’s one more benefit of a remarkable retirement community.

As a local non-profit, supporting artists and buying local community-made works is a part of our philosophy.

The rotating exhibits highlight cultural diversity and enrich our community with opening receptions, learning opportunities, and ways to spark conversation. Contact us to learn more about contributing to the local arts scene in La Verne, CA.

Visit The Gallery at Hillcrest’s Current Exhibition

Coming in January 2023

"Embracing Ghosts"

“… to create dangerously is also to create fearlessly, boldly embracing the public and private terrors that would silence us, then bravely moving forward even when it feels as though we are chasing or being chased by ghosts.” – Edwidge Danticat

Artist, Stacey Jordan
January 9 – March 24, 2023

“I’m driven by social and cultural inequalities. I express myself through a myriad of mixed media, including digital graphics. I pour my heart and soul into each piece by focusing on issues I’m passionate about. My work includes recurring colors that represent symbols of freedom.” – Stacey Jordan, Artist


April 3 – June 23

“Bloom at Your Own Pace”

Artist, Chris Kirchner
Opening Reception, Monday, April 3, 4 – 5:30 pm

Much of Chris’s art centers around the journey of personal growth, admiration of nature, and the pursuit of finding peace amongst life’s chaos. Many of his pieces feature a main character. The artist invites you to step into this character’s shoes and experience the setting. Creative, colorful and thought-provoking, the imagination has no limits when you let it explore!

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.
It will never fail you.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

In the Gallery until March 24


“Embracing Ghosts"


View Past Exhibits

Explore the works of local artists who were generous enough to display their gifts at The Gallery at Hillcrest.

Tour the Meeting House and Gallery

Difference in Perspectives, Susan Ruiz and Steven Rushingwood

Hillcrest | Senior woman standing next to some artwork

Lives of Service

Hillcrest | Quilt

About The Gallery at Hillcrest

The Gallery at Hillcrest is a vital part of the La Verne community. Not only does it support local artists, but it also promotes cultural diversity. This art gallery is a significant benefit to the senior living community in La Verne. The residents say it is one of the best art museums in Southern California.

We thank the California painters, photographers, and sculptures who contribute to our lifestyle. The Gallery is a beacon of promoting heritage and hope in the Hillcrest retirement community.

Cultural diversity is an important value of our senior living community. It is what makes us unique. Celebrating art is one of the best ways to bridge the gap between different backgrounds. The Gallery at Hillcrest looks forward to promoting these qualities and supporting local artists.

Support Local Artists by Visiting The Gallery at Hillcrest

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