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Nursing Care at Hillcrest

Hillcrest | Seniors reading at table with nurse caregiver

A Claremont, San Dimas, and Upland Senior Living Option

Finding the right nursing home for a senior loved one is difficult. It is often overwhelming to understand the options and various facilities. Upland, San Dimas, and Claremont residents should know they have a resource at Hillcrest.

Nursing home placement is usually required quickly and unannounced. This type of senior living should not be confused with residential facilities such as assisted living or memory care. Skilled nursing facilities serve a medical purpose to:

  • Help seniors with chronic conditions
  • Rehabilitate older adults following an injury or procedure
  • Provide wound care or intravenous treatments
  • Offer support to people who cannot independently complete activities of daily living

Let’s answer the big questions about Upland and Claremont nursing homes and discover where to find senior living near San Dimas, CA.

How much does a nursing home cost per month in California?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. Nursing homes in California are about $10,981 per month for private rooms. Monthly costs may be lower when opting for semi-private rooms or shared spaces. In addition to room charges, additional fees may be associated with meals or health services.

The latest cost of senior care statistics:

  • National nursing home care average: $7,908 to $9,034 per month
  • California nursing home care average: $9,794 to $12,167 per month
  • East Los Angeles County nursing home care average: $7,992 to $8,865 per month
  • National assisted living average: $4,500 per month
  • California assisted living average: $5,250 per month
  • East Los Angeles County assisted living average: $4,000 per month

Nursing homes are medical facilities. They operate at a much higher cost of care than independent living or assisted living communities.

Insurance and Medicare can offer coverage for nursing home care but not for assisted living. Medicare covers around 100 days of skilled nursing care if specific requirements are met:

  • A three-day hospital stay
  • A doctor prescribed recommendation for skilled nursing care
  • Additional complications that occur while in skilled nursing care

Nursing homes keep older adults from staying in a hospital for extended periods. The typical 90 to 100 days of coverage rehabilitates older adults to return to their previous lifestyle.

Medicare excludes senior living communities from coverage because it’s often viewed as custodial or social living and not medical care.

It may be time to explore other senior living options if your loved one does not require a high level of medical care.

What is the difference between senior housing and a nursing home?

Senior housing communities and nursing homes are not interchangeable and serve very different functions.

Senior housing typically refers to an independent or assisted living facility that gives residents access to community amenities such as exercise equipment or recreational activities. Seniors living in these communities often still live independently but benefit from socialization. Access to essential healthcare services is also available.

As discussed above, a nursing home is designed specifically for seniors who need 24/7 medical attention due to severe disabilities. Life plan communities or continuing care retirement communities are unique in offering both types of care. Hillcrest is one full-service senior living community near San Dimas and Claremont that provides this service.

Skilled Nursing Care for Seniors in La Verne, CA

Hillcrest provides skilled nursing care delivered by highly-trained professionals from Woods Health Services. Located in La Verne, Hillcrest is conveniently between San Dimas and Claremont.

Our team works tirelessly to provide residents with a personalized level of care. We are happy to report we are a U.S. News & World Report Best Nursing Home winner. Our nursing care residents have a higher percentage of returning home than the California and national averages.

Our skilled nursing facility offers rehabilitation and recreation for those who can participate. Private duty nursing, transportation, and respite care are available upon request.

The professional team at Hillcrest provides:

  • Rehabilitation therapies
  • Activities of daily living assistance
  • Medical health management
  • Medication management and administration

Seniors at Hillcrest are in control of their lives and live with gratitude before preparing for what’s next. When life changes, our community is ready to handle the next level of care.

Visit our community whether your loved one has limited needs or requires immediate nursing care. We are glad to speak with you about your options for senior care in Southern California.

Need senior nursing and rehab now?

Contact Hillcrest to arrange a quick and easy consultation with our Woods Health Services team members. Personalized tours of our expansive campus are available at any time.

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