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Fun Family Activities That Bring Generations Together

Hillcrest | Group in activity room

Creating lasting memories with loved ones is a cherished aspect of life, especially for seniors living in community settings like Hillcrest. Sharing meals and watching TV together is easy, but those routines don’t necessarily inspire joy. Engaging in fun activities for families strengthens bonds and creates a sense of belonging and inspiration.

We have plenty of ideas to get you started if you’re looking for inspiration. All you need to do is keep an open mind and be willing to make the effort. Soon enough, you and your beloved grandkids will be having memorable experiences together.

Splendid Ideas for Family-Friendly Activities

These selections are not one-size-fits-all. Your ability to participate depends on your mobility, schedule, and personal preferences. It makes sense to run these ideas by your children and grandchildren first; letting them participate in decision-making ensures they’ll enjoy the fun as much as you.

  • Holiday Celebrations: Holidays are perfect occasions to gather and celebrate. Festive July 4th parties, heartwarming Thanksgiving dinners, and joyful Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations bring families closer together. Up the fun factor with decorations, music, and delicious meals to create a festive atmosphere for all to enjoy.
  • Game Nights: Game nights are wonderful multi-generational activities with opportunities for bonding and friendly competition. See what your grandchildren are into–they might be open to classic games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or charades. Be open to their suggestions; you might even like their favorite video games!
  • Picnics: Outdoor picnics are a delightful way to soak up the sunshine and enjoy nature. Organizing regular picnics in beautifully landscaped gardens or nearby parks provides a serene setting for families to relax and socialize. Switch gears and bring the fun indoors when the weather doesn’t cooperate.
  • Storytelling: Sharing stories is a timeless tradition that transcends generations. Hosting storytelling sessions lets you reminisce about your own experiences while captivating grandchildren with tales from the past. Your storytelling time can also include reading books and letting the little ones tell their own tales.
Hillcrest | Group in activity room
We love having visitors of all ages at Hillcrest!

Creative, Heartwarming Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Now that we’ve scratched the surface of ideas for multi-generational activities, let’s dig a little deeper and share some that are a bit more unconventional.

  • Arts and Crafts Projects: Creativity knows no age limit, and arts and crafts projects allow grandparents and grandchildren to unleash their artistic talents together. The projects can even be a little messy, but choose ones appropriate for your grandchildren’s ages. Hands-on activities like coloring, sewing, and building model airplanes encourage collaboration and self-expression.
  • Cooking Classes: Cooking is a wonderful way to bond over shared experiences with the added perk of delicious food. These classes can invite grandparents and grandchildren to learn new recipes and culinary techniques side by side. Preparing traditional and unconventional dishes teaches valuable skills that last a lifetime.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Exploring the great outdoors offers endless opportunities for adventure and discovery. Nature walks, gardening sessions, and fishing trips allow grandparents and grandchildren to connect with nature and each other. Imagine planting flowers together or the thrill of spotting wildlife with your grandson or granddaughter. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

Hillcrest Encourages Fun Activities for Families

At Hillcrest, we understand the importance of community and belonging for our residents and their families. That’s why we go above and beyond to encourage and facilitate family-friendly activities and events.

Our dedicated team plans and organizes various activities catering to the interests of residents and their families. From coordinating holiday celebrations to hosting concerts and storytelling sessions, we strive to create opportunities for families to come together.

We actively involve residents and their families when planning these activities, seeking input and feedback to ensure our activities are engaging and enjoyable. This kind of communication and collaboration encourages a supportive environment where families feel valued and included.

Fun family activities are vital in bringing generations together and creating meaningful connections. At Hillcrest, we are committed to providing a vibrant and welcoming community where residents, their families, and grandchildren can bond over shared experiences and create lasting memories.


Embrace the Joy of Family Fun Activities at Hillcrest

Spending time with grandchildren is one of the best parts of retirement. If you’re ready to stop worrying about the hassles of homeownership and start doing things you love, schedule a visit to Hillcrest. Our support services and family-friendly events will help you live your best life.

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